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ADCC 2022 Collectable Cards

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With all the names present in this year’s event, the ADCC 2022 Collectable Cards are here. Limited Edition!

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From renowned legends to rising stars, the ADCC welcomes all who have the courage to step into their mats and the technique to come out on top.

With the ADCC 2022 Collectable Cards, you get to have the entire roster of athletes from this year’s event at your fingertips. Not only that, but the cards also feature the ADCC Hall of Famers and many unforgettable fights in the event’s history.

The cards are divided as follows:

Tier 1: Memorable matches held on the ADCC’s mats, celebrated with a beautiful holographic effect in the card.

Tier 2: The ADCC’s Hall of Fame, with unique graphics for each member and a brief description of the achievements that made them a part of the event’s history.

Tier 3: ADCC veterans who came back for another round at the ADCC 2022. Win or lose, these are legends to be celebrated!

Tier 4: ADCC Trials champions and young athletes who set themselves apart from the rest and landed an invite for this year’s event. Will they have what it takes to become an ADCC champion?

Each pack contains 5 (five) random cards, which will bring you ever closer to completing your very own roster of athletes. The more you buy, the higher your chances of completing each tier and collecting them all. Don’t miss out!

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